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Henchman Blog

  1. Henchman Supports Spinal Injury Research

    Henchman was delighted to sponsor the Inspire Foundation pre-lunch charity tournament at Tidworth Polo Club’s annual Rundle Cup

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  2. Just the Job – a Henchman Platform

    We’re delighted to support the brilliant work of North Yorkshire based Just the Job Environmental Enterprise by supplying them with a Henchman Hi Step Platform at cost.

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  3. Henchman Hi Step Platform Ladder Goes to Church

    How do you access organ pipes safety with altar steps in the way?

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  4. Earthquake Experience for Henchman Owner

    Not many Henchman owners can claim they felt the earth move whilst a top their ladder
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  5. Henchman Barrow Going Strong for 15 Years

    This much-loved Henchman barrow won’t win any beauty competitions but it's still going strong after 15 years of constant use!

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  6. How to use a Ladder Safely

    Some advice on ladder Safety, there are certain tips which immediately come to mind when considering how to use a ladder.

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