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Henchman Videos

Watch this video to find out about our story and how we’ve grown over the last 20 years. From our first platform to the full range of Henchman safety products available today:


Wheeled Garden Platforms


Platform Tripod Ladders



Barrow & Trailers


Compost Tumblers


Easy Lift Harness



Tripod Ladders in operation

See our Henchman tripod ladders in operation. Learn how our range of platform tripod ladders are designed to be safe with features such as:

  • Wide feet
  • A wide base
  • The ability to brace your knees against the sides, freeing both hands
  • Adjustable legs so you can be stable on slopes

In this video, Steve demonstrates how to install rubber feet onto your Henchman Tripod Ladder:


Hi Step Platforms in operation

  • Flat feet don’t sink into soft soil
  • Adjustable legs to eliminate wobble and provide stability on slopes
  • Strong, steel legs
  • None slip rungs