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  • How to use a Ladder Safely

    There are certain tips which immediately come to mind when considering how to use a ladder. The first of these is to ensure that the ladder itself is of the highest possible quality, free from wear and tear and able to take any weight which you are planning to put on it.

  • Maximum Working Height for Ladders

    Thinking about the maximum working height for ladders is something which anyone who regularly uses a ladder needs to do on a regular basis. According to a Health and Safety Executive report published in 2017, falls from height, often involving the use of ladders, accounted for 7% of all workplace injuries but a much more serious 28% of fatal accidents. Clearly, then, if you are unlucky enough to fall whilst working on a ladder it can have serious ramifications.

  • The Best Tripod Ladder?

    Thousands of ladder-related accidents occur each year, many of which could be avoided if the correct ladder was used. Understanding the different types of ladders and what they’re used for will help you determine which is the most suitable for the job you want to do. Here’s a guide to each ladder type and how they’re used.

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