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Find a ladder for you

Use our tool below to find out which ladder we recommend for your needs, based on factors like the terrain you’ll be using ladders on and how high you’ll need to be

Why do we ask you this?
This helps us guide you to the best type of ladder suitable for your usage.
Question 1

What are you planning to use your ladder for?

i.e. in your garden or for DIY

i.e. if you’ll be using ladders for your job

Why do we ask you this?
Some of our ladders work best on different terrain types. This will help us recommend the best for your terrain.
Question 2

What type of terrain will you be using your ladder on?

i.e. bumpy ground, steps, beds, uneven ground

i.e. gradual slopes, hills

Why do we ask you this?
Helps us guide you to the right size ladder. Obviously if you need to reach lower, you can stand on any rung like any other ladders.
Question 3

What’s the highest point you’ll be working up to?

i.e. if the highest point you’ll be reaching is trimming the top of an 8ft / 2.4m tall border hedge, then select the 8ft / 2.4m option in the dropdown. If you have multiple heights to enter, please enter the highest one.

Why do we ask you this?
Helps us guide you to the right size ladder.
Question 4

When up a ladder, how do you most commonly use your gardening tools?

i.e. you mostly use heavy tools like strimmers

i.e. you’re able to lift heavy tools to shoulder level

i.e. pruning trees, picking fruit

Why do we ask you this?
You may prefer something easy to move about regularly or something slightly heavier that can reach a larger area from one spot. This will just change the order of our recommendations to you.
Question 5

Would you prefer a lighter ladder? (Our ladders range from 6kg - 30kg)

i.e. you’re okay with lifting and carrying your ladder often

i.e. you’ll be moving it a lot, or you are unable to lift heavy objects regularly

Our full range of ladders

Tripod Ladders

  • Tripod frame for no wobbles
  • Lightweight aluminium
  • Comes with 1 or 3 adjustable legs

Hi-Step Platform Ladders

  • Spacious working platform & hip rail
  • 4 adjustable legs for uneven terrain
  • Lean in 3 directions

Wheeled Platforms

  • Adjustable platform height
  • Larger platform for cutting long hedges
  • Lean in 4 directions