The Best Tripod Ladder?

When it comes to choosing the best tripod ladder most people will be looking for the perfect combination of safety, durability and convenience.

After all, the best tripod ladder is one which minimises the very real risk of suffering a dangerous fall when working at height, at the same time as making it easy for you to get on with the task in hand.

The good news is that a Henchman tripod platform ladder offers all of this and more.  

Why is it the best Tripod Ladder?

The fact that ours is the best tripod ladder has already been recognised by tens of thousands of households across the UK, as well as leading organisations such as the NHS, the RHS, the National Trust and multiple businesses, councils and schools.

Its three legged design maximises the stability of the ladder as a whole while the single third leg still allows for access to smaller spaces.

The fact that either one or all three of the legs can be adjusted by as much as 18” means that the ladder is able to cope with the widest possible variety of uneven surfaces, from a gently sloping flowerbed to a set of steps or a stretch of wildly uneven natural terrain.

Minimising the risk of a dangerous fall is probably the most important aspect of our ladders, but there’s much more to them than safety alone.

The aluminium construction means that the ladders are incredibly lightweight while still being able to support as much as 100kg to 150kg depending on the model.

The 7” platform near the top of the ladder provides the perfect base from which to undertake any task, from painting and decorating to pruning trees and clearing guttering, while the support bar at the highest point is perfect for holding onto or leaning against whilst working.

Wide but hollow rungs offer maximum support and minimum risk of slipping, and the high grip feet of the ladder can be fitted with rubber covers to avoid damaging any surfaces.

Put all of this together and you have the best tripod ladder on the market.

Take a look at our range and order with free delivery anywhere in the UK, taking advantage of a 5 year guarantee.

Buy one today and find out why we think this is the best platform ladder on the market today.