Maximum Working Height for Ladders

Thinking about the maximum working height for ladders is something which anyone who often uses a ladder needs to do on a regular basis.

According to a Health and Safety Executive report published in 2017, falls from height, often involving the use of ladders, accounted for 7% of all workplace injuries but a much more serious 28% of fatal accidents.

Clearly, then, if you are unlucky enough to fall whilst working on a ladder it can have serious ramifications.  

When you use a Henchman platform tripod ladder safety concerns diminish hugely thanks to the design of the ladder itself.

The three legs form a wide footprint which offers maximum stability while still allowing you to work in smaller, hard to reach spaces.

The fact that one or three of the legs be adjusted by up to 18” in height allows the Henchman ladder to operate on difficult surfaces such as slopes, steps or uneven gardens.

Originally designed for use when pruning the higher branches of trees or similar garden jobs, the Henchman platform tripod ladder is equally useful indoors, when rubber feet can be used to make sure it doesn’t mark the floor.

What is the Maximum Working Height for Ladders?

The maximum working height for ladders when using a tripod ladder is no less than three feet from the top, which ensures stability.

A henchman ladder has a 7” platform rather than a standard rung at this level, offering a firm and comfortable base from which to work.

The fact that the rung above this is retracted into the frame means you get the legroom to make yourself comfortable, and the whole ladder is constructed from robust aluminium which never rusts and is light enough to transport with ease.  

The exact maximum working height for ladders may vary from case to case, but the fact that henchman tripod platform ladders are the safest and most stable on the market is something you can always rely on.

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