Show season is here again, Henchman on tour

Someone recently asked why we spent so much of our summer running around the UK setting up stands at RHS, County, Flower, Garden and Home shows – surely there must be an easier way to sell ladders and platforms, isn’t that what the internet is for?

Yes, it’s hard work and we are very lucky to have an amazingly experienced, talented team who commit to long days, aching feet, and a million questions in place to take on the challenge, but why still do it?

Well, many of our customers want to experience our products before they buy, and although you can come and see us in Wiltshire, and many of our resellers have stock to try – the way to get to as many people in one place is a show – RHS Chelsea has 168,000 visitors each year.

We also love to see the first time someone climbs up a Tripod Platform Ladder and feels safe at height, potentially for the first time. She/he then realises how light it is, that they could use this ladder to trim the hedge it no longer feels safe to touch with the old ladder in the shed, or prune the climbing roses on the trellis that they had to hire a gardener to tackle last season.

Non wobbly, light, comfortable ladders are not sold on their warranty, how well they are made and how long we have been making them – they are sold on what they empower our customers to do, and that’s pretty special.

From the 80 year old allowed to garden again by his wife, to the professional gardener able to take on the awkward job on a slope across a ditch – every week we hear how we’ve made a difference to someone and that motivates us to keep working on our product development, adding new ideas and new products into the mix every year.

This year we are going to be at over 20 shows, from The Ideal Home Show to the world famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show – you can find a full list here, come along – we’d love to help you find the right Henchman for you, or hear how yours has made a difference!