Tripod Ladders for Hedge Trimming

If you’re looking for tripod ladders for hedge trimming, our versatile ladders are up to the challenge. Designed for a range of gardening jobs, our hedge trimming ladders provide stability when you’re working at height or on uneven terrain.

Our tripod is a free-standing ladder that’s made for gardening jobs such as topiary and tree pruning. However, our customers have used it for everything from painting houses to changing lightbulbs over the years. When we say it’s a multi-purpose ladder, we really mean it.  

What makes this ladder the safest on the market? Complete with a wide 7” platform rung and three fully adjustable legs with 18” variation, it’s unique to Henchman. As the base is wider than a traditional A-Frame ladder, it provides much more stability. Its construction of high grade aluminium means it’s lightweight and easy to transport, making it an essential item for your collection. 

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

Benefits of Tripod Platform Ladders

Whether you’re cutting hedges or washing windows, having the correct equipment to support you is vital. When it comes to safety, nothing compares to tripod ladders because you can adjust them to suit the task at hand.  

Hedge trimming ladders from Henchman are designed so that all three feet are in firm contact with the ground, even on slopes or steps. This is a feature you don’t get with traditional A-Frame ladders. The ladders in our tripod range have a wide footprint, and you can choose between one or three adjustable legs to ensure you’re always working on a sturdy and level platform. The width of the splayed legs also prevents you from wobbling, reducing the risk of accidents.

Here are some more great features that make Henchman ladders unique:

  • Grab rail at the top of the ladder to lean against for hands-free working
  • Rung above the platform removed which allows you to tuck your legs in comfortably without grazing your shins
  • Double rungs leading up to the platform to provide comfort
  • The middle of the rungs has been removed to prevent slips and falls
  • Clawed feet to prevent sudden sinking or slipping
  • Optional rubber feet for indoor use to prevent floor damage

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