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Platform Tripod Ladder - 1 Adjustable leg 12 ft / 3.6 m

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  • The safer alternative to your traditional stepladder
  • Ladder platform is 7” / 18cm wide for safe footing and comfort

  • As you stand comfortably you can tuck your knees in to use both hands safely

  • Three feet ensure stability on all level and lightly sloped surfaces

  • The rear leg is adjustable for uneven surfaces

  • Optional rubber feet for indoor and use on delicate surfaces

  • Full height of ladder is 12ft/ 3.7m with the platform at 9ft / 2.7m

  • The 12ft / 3.7m ladder weighs 26lbs/ 12kg



The ideal replacement for the traditional stepladder for all indoor and outdoor projects at height on lightly sloping and flat ground.

The 7”/ 18cm platform rung makes standing on the ladder comfortable while you work – your feet are firmly placed.

You can then tuck your knees into the frame for extra stability meaning you can use both hands safely as you work.

On the 12ft /3.7m ladder platform is at 9ft/ 2.7m, therefore in use you are standing 9ft / 2.7m above the ground and the upper three foot of the ladder is the platform with rungs to lean into not stand upon.

The tripod solution is easier to place safely in any position – when all three feet are in contact with the ground and the rungs are level your ladder will not wobble.

The rear leg is adjustable to allow for lightly sloping surfaces – if the ground is uneven, or you require a ladder with more adjustability, the 12ft / 2.7m Fully Adjustable Tripod Platform Ladder or Hi-Step Major would be more suitable options for you. 

See 'technical information' for further 'specification' data, such as storage dimensions. 

We aim to keep stock of all Tripods at all times, however due to the particular nature of Tripod supply delays can occur, but would be notified to you in that event).  We dispatch within 48 hours and standard service to mainland UK ensures arrival of the item at the delivery address within 3 working days from dispatch. A signature is required.

Overnight and overseas delivery options are available at an extra cost - please contact Henchman to discuss.

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