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Compost Tumblers

Why should composting be so laborious and time-consuming? Henchman compost tumblers make the process quicker and simpler, allowing you to recycle up to 190 litres of garden waste every 3-4 weeks.

Our tumblers are designed to do the hard work for you. Complete with large detachable door for easy access, you can add new materials and tip out the compost without huge amounts of manual effort. They’re able to withstand heavy loads and will spin with ease even when the drum is full. 

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Why Use Tumblers?

Is it worth investing in a compost tumbler? Here at Henchman, we certainly think so. Maintaining a compost heap can be very labour-intensive, as it requires manually turning heavy heaps. However, a tumbler massively reduces the effort involved and speeds up the process for you. If you’re not keen on having an unsightly compost heap in the garden, a tumbler is a great alternative because it’ll keep the garden looking neat and tidy. As the compost is housed inside a container, unpleasant smells will be kept at bay and it’ll be safe from rodents too. Composting at home with a tumbler enables you to become more self-sufficient and you won’t need to rely on local garden centres for nutrient-rich compost. Using garden materials and food scraps, you can put waste back into the environment and keep recyclable substances out of landfills.

Henchman Tumblers

When it comes to choosing a tumbler, you want to be sure it’s up to the job. Our tumblers are made to stand the test of time, which is why we offer a full 5 year guarantee. Designed with a double skinned wall to provide extra insulation, our tumblers create the optimum conditions for heating the compost. You can also process compostable material throughout the year, which makes this a worthwhile investment. Don’t worry if you have limited outdoor space: our tumblers are compact enough to hide in even the smallest garden. Order today for dispatch directly from Henchman.