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Compost Tumblers Quick and easy composting


How it Works -


The ComposTumbler accomodates for the variety of ways you can go about composting.  Each purchase is supplied with a detailed free guide on how to get the best results according to what material is available to you.  But as a guide...


Fill the CompostTumbler - This system is flexible, there is more than one way to go about it. As a rule of thumb for the fastest method - add about 4 parts fresh green material (nitrogen producing) to 1 part dry brown material (carbon producing). Ideal green material includes fresh grass trimmings, fresh leafy material, poultry and equine waste and kitchen waste. Ideal brown material includes dry leaves, wood, black and white paper and cardboard. To achieve the fastest results coarse material like cardboard and wood should be shredded first.


Rotate the Compost Tumbler – Rotate the drum of the Compost Tumbler half a dozen times once a day, to ensure the contents are aerated and spend time in the hot centre of the Compost Tumbler.  (By the way my mother can happily turn our largest tumbler while full).


Use the compost – During the warmer months of April to October, compost can be ready after just 2 or 4 weeks. Mix it liberally with soil on anything you want to grow, or apply around the base of growing plants as protective mulch.


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