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Hi Step Platforms Safe On Uneven Terrain

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       Max Heights

    Platform  9' or 2.7m
    Hedge     14' or 4.2m

       With Extender

    Platform  12' or 3.6m
    Hedge     17' or 5.1m

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       Max Heights

    Platform  8' or 2.4m
    Hedge     13' or 3.9m

       With Extender

    Platform  11' or 3.3m
    Hedge     16' or 4.9m

Hi-Step Senior hedge cutting platform

Max Heights

Platform  7' or 2.1m
Hedge   12' or 3.6m

With Extender

Platform  10' or 3m
Hedge   15' or 4.5m

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       Max Heights

    Platform  6' or 1.8m
    Hedge     11' or 3.3m

       With Extender

    Platform  9' or 2.7m
    Hedge     14' or 4.3m

Safe hedge cutting platforms

       Max Heights

    Platform  5' or 1.5m
    Hedge     10' or 3m

       With Extender

    Platform  8' or 2.4m
    Hedge     13' or 3.9m

Protective Rubber Foot - Pack of three
    • 6" toe boards


      • Intermediate guard rail


        • WAHR compliant


          • 2012 models or later



            Why choose a platform from Henchman?

            In 1994, Henchman conceived of and pioneered safe platforms for working on garden ground.  We have nearly 20 years of experience and feedback; over 25,000 customers from the broadest spectrum of the gardening community, from the Queen to Mr Blogs.  Nearly every winter the product is developed, improved or tweaked to ensure maximun safety and ease of use. 

            Some key distinguishing features of a Henchman?

            • ISO 9001-2000 accredited manufacturer guarantees third party inspections.
            • ISO certificated status guarantees fully qualified aluminium welders.
            • Optimum footprint dimensions to prevent back legs from lifting, when leaning hard gainst guard rail.
            • Unique quick adjust feet provide minute increments of adjustability to guarantee no wobble when up high.
            • Quick adjust feet reduce need to use pins for leg adjustments.
            • Steel legs ensure strength and safety in a key area and reduces flex during movement. Minimal extra weight.
            • Free hanging access ladder/rungs reduces use of R Clips for securing access rungs by 50%.
            • Free hanging access rungs do not interfere or need to be handled when adjusting the platform's ladder side legs.  Allows for single handed adjustment.
            • Quick folding bracing bars with no loose parts.
            • Rear guard strap, adjustable guard rail and toe board as standard.
            • Ribbed non slip rungs.
            • New easy-in large R Clips for securing legs - easy to engage without looking through two leg holes.

            We would be happy to discuss any of the above details and why they are worthy of mention.  Contact us on 01635 299847.     


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            Junior: Platform£445.00
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