Orchard Ladder for Pruning and Fruit Picking

The Henchman tripod is an ideal orchard ladder, as it’s more secure than a traditional A-frame ladder. Designed especially for gardening tasks such as fruit picking, tree pruning and hedge trimming, our ladder provides flexibility, safety and comfort.

If you need to work outside the confines of the ladder, our tripod design makes it easy for you to do just that. The extended back leg enables the ladder to adapt to the task at hand, meaning you can work in those difficult to reach places. The wide-splayed adjustable front legs also offer additional support so you have more flexibility.

Our tripods are used by Royal households, the NHS and local councils as well as household gardeners and professional groundsmen. The ladders also offer safe working loads of 100kg and 150kg, so we think it’s fair to say they’re more than up for the job. 

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

Henchman Tripods  

Thousands of ladder-related accidents happen each year in the UK, something we are dedicated to preventing. We designed our specialist tripod range to ensure you have the correct safety equipment when working at height.

What’s different about our orchard ladders? The wide 7” platform rung and the fully adjustable legs with 18” variation are features unique to the Henchman design. The legs create a wider footprint, giving you extra stability when working on uneven terrain. The tripod design also makes sure the ladder feet remain in contact with the ground, even on slopes and steps. Available in sizes from 6' to 16', you can select the correct ladder for your needs.

Other features of the Henchman ladder include:

  • Top rail for additional support and hands-free working
  • Retracted rung, allowing you to tuck your legs in and avoid grazed shins
  • 7” platform, offering a sizeable and comfortable working space
  • Clawed feet which firmly cling onto softer surfaces like soil, preventing slipping and sinking
  • Narrow top and third leg, making it easy to access tighter spaces
  • Sturdy tripod design to prevent toppling and wobbling
  • Lightweight aluminium for ease of movement


Complete with a 3 year guarantee, you can rest assured that the Henchman orchard ladders are a worthy investment. Order today and get free delivery for mainland UK orders.