Hedge Cutting Ladders

When it comes to challenging outdoor tasks that require working at height, traditional A-frame step ladders aren’t appropriate. Henchman tripod ladders are designed especially for trimming hedges, pruning trees and picking fruit (although our customers use them for so much more). Our hedge cutting ladders will keep you safe when working at height on even ground.

What makes these ladders ideal for trimming hedges? The 3-legged design creates a wider-splayed base than a conventional step ladder, which means all feet will remain in contact with the ground on slopes, steps or ditches. The extra stability also means you won’t need another person to foot the ladder.

As well as this, our tripod design includes a wide 7” platform rung and 3 fully adjustable legs with 18” variation, which is unique to Henchman. This allows for more flexibility when completing tasks, so you can really get stuck into the job. 

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

Platform Ladders for Hedge Cutting

The Henchman tripod is a truly multi-purpose ladder used by household gardeners, professional landscapers, the NHS, RHS, local councils and even Royal households. Its construction of high grade aluminium means the ladder is robust enough to withstand working loads of 100kg or 150kg (depending on the model you choose), yet it’s lightweight enough to carry and store easily.

Other features of our platform ladders for hedge cutting:

  • Grab rail to lean against for hands-free working
  • No rung above the platform, enabling you to tuck your legs in comfortably and avoid grazes to the shins
  • Double rungs leading up to the platform to provide additional comfort while working
  • Wide triangular base to prevent wobbling on uneven ground
  • The middle of the rungs has been removed, which helps to avoid slipping while climbing up and down the ladder
  • Adjustable legs to offer extra flexibility
  • Narrow frame design enables you to work in tighter spaces
  • 7” working platform for comfortable working  
  • Clawed feet which are designed to prevent sudden sinking or slipping
  • Optional rubber feet for indoor use, preventing damage to floors
  • Available in sizes varying from 6’ to 16’

Complete with a 3-year guarantee, our hedge ladders are a sensible investment. Order today for free delivery in the mainland UK.