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Garden Platform Ladders

There’s no getting away from the fact that some garden tasks, such as trimming hedges, cutting back trees or pruning larger bushes, can be difficult and potentially dangerous. The good news is that the garden platform ladders supplied by Henchman offer a solution to both of these problems, maximising safety and making it much easier for you to get on with the task in hand.

Garden Platform Ladders That Are Safe and Convenient

Working at height on a traditional A-Frame ladder often means struggling with the fear that the ladder could topple at any moment, particularly if it has to deal with the uneven terrain found in most gardens. Henchman garden platform ladders eliminate this risk, allowing you to concentrate on the job in hand, safe in the knowledge that your ladder can deal with slopes, hills, steps and unstable surfaces.

That’s because our garden platform ladders are tripod ladders, with three legs maximising support and creating a stable base from which to access even the most hard to reach spots. The fact that one or all three of the legs can be adjusted means that inclines don’t present any problem, and the wide ‘clawed’ feet will grip even the softest and most unstable surface securely.

Garden Platform Ladders

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Our Garden Platform Ladders Tick Every Box

If you’re looking for the very best in garden platform ladders then the chances are you have a few questions in mind. Is the ladder lightweight enough to transport around the garden, yet strong enough to handle the task in hand?

Our garden platform ladders provide an affirmative answer in both cases. They are constructed from aluminium, which is lightweight but won’t rust and, depending on the model they can take up to 100kg or 150kg in weight.

You might then ask if Henchman ladders offer a comfortable working environment as well as reducing the risk of falling. Once again the answer is a yes, since the highest working rung of our garden platform ladders has been turned into a 7” platform offering a spacious area on which to stand when working. In addition to this, the rung above is set back to maximise leg room and a bar support at the highest point of the ladder provides support to lean against or hold on to whilst working.

Finally, the rungs of the ladder itself have been hollowed out, which minimises the weight of the ladder and prevents the build-up of hazardous matter such as soil, wet grass and leaves.

Put it all together and you have the ideal solution for working at height in an unpredictable outdoor environment. Order one of our garden platform ladders today and enjoy the peace of mind offered by our unique 3 year guarantee.