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Easy Lift Harness model 717A

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Key Product Features
  • The Easy Lift Harness takes up to 100% of the weight of heavy garden tools
  • Can be used with pole saws, hedge cutters, strimmers and blowers
  • Work in greater safety as you retain more energy and concentration and control for the job in hand
  • Dramatically reduces back strain, arm fatigue, hand/arm vibration and repetitive strain injuries
  • Retain better posture and a full range of motion in order to work with greater precision
  • Made from durable rust free materials, model 717 takes weights from 4kg to 6.5 kg, whilst model 717A allows for heavier tools from 7.5kg to 9.0kg.  The HD model is strengthened in key areas for Professionals using the machine much more regularly.
  • Easy to assemble
Extra Product Detail
  • Takes up to 100% of the weight of heavy garden tools.
  • Suitable on most hand held garden tools.
  • Models designed for householders and professionals.
  • Very lightweight and comfortable.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Work more precisely.
  • Reduces back strain, arm fatigue, hand arm vibration and repetitive strain injury.
  • Keep better posture working.
  • Use less energy working.
  • Get the job done quicker.
  • Minimal assembly and maintenance
  • Rust free
  • Cause less damage to tools.

Delivery & returns info


The easy lift harness arives in one small and lightweight box of approximately 1.25m x 0.75m dimension.


From order to reciept typically takes no more than 5 working days.  Specific details are provided at the time of dispatch.  Please call if you have requests of your own - 03333 444 229.

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