Which Ladder Do I Need?

One of the most common questions that we are asked is “Which ladder do I need?” 

This is very simple to work out when you understand how our sizing works.

The platform on the ladder is 3ft from the top. When we are talking about ladder size we are referring to the overall size of the ladder.

Therefore a 6ft ladder has a platform at 3ft, and 8ft has a platform at 5ft and so on.

The platform on the 3 leg adjustable ladder is still 3ft from the top, but with this ladder you have the ability to extend all 3 legs at the same time and give yourself an extra 1ft of height.

It gives you a bit of a step up to the first rung, but when you need that extra bit of height it is a very useful feature.

There are still other factors you should take into account:

  • What height do you want to be working at? If you have a very wide hedge, you may want to be a waist height so you can lean the whole way across it to cut it.
  • If you are using your ladder for painting, you may want to be working at head height so you can see what you are doing without bending.
  • If you want to paint a ceiling, you would want to be underneath so you can have the roller above you.

You will probably want to use your ladder for a whole range of things once you have it, in which case think about the highest you are going to need to work at, and whether that needs to be head height or waist height or somewhere in between.

An example of how you might work out which ladder you need:

You have a 9ft hedge minus 4ft (working at your chest) = 5ft platform - the ladder with a 5ft platform is the 8ft ladder.

If you still need help deciding which size to go for, give us a call on 03333 444229 or drop us an email at info@henchman.co.uk.