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Can we fix it? Yes we can - we help our clients repair their Henchman solutions with our spare parts service.

Carefully storing and maintaining his trusty fifteen-year-old Hi- Step Senior Platform has saved one happy Henchman customer thousands of pounds over the years.

He telephoned our customer service team to order spare feet for his Henchman as they had become worn and brittle after years of being moved across tarmac. The parts arrived the very next day and he was delighted to find that the new feet fitted perfectly.

We love hearing customers’ Henchman stories, so took the opportunity to find out more.

The retired army officer from Derbyshire had been employing tree surgeons to prune his eight metre leylandii hedge each year at an annual cost of between £750 and £1,000 until a visit to the Chelsea Flower Show in 2005 changed all that.

“When I was in active service I was often away from home so we had to employ professionals to keep the leylandii in check, but just two years away from retirement I was beginning to explore the possibility of looking after the hedge myself once I left the army.  We loved gardening and were looking forward to having the time and opportunity to spend more time in the garden.

“At Chelsea that year the Henchman stand team showed us the potential offered by the Hi-Step and its extender.  I very quickly realised that with the help of this piece of kit and a chainsaw I could save myself a fortune in years to come and do a better job. It was a very good buy.”

Two rows of 50 leylandii trees form the 30-metre expanse of hedge around the couple’s home, providing a very effective windbreak from the howling winds which blow in off the Derbyshire moors. The hedge borders have to be kept in check, so the Henchman comes out once a year to help the homeowner work his way along it pruning, gathering up the clippings and tidying as he goes.

“As my garden is stepped and on a slope, being able to adjust each leg separately ensures I always have a safe, level platform to work from. It took me a couple of years to get into a routine with the ladder but now it’s second nature and I get a real sense of satisfaction seeing a job well done. I don’t have to work to any deadline - I can take all the time I need to complete the task properly, and carefully.

“I can honestly say that I have never ever climbed up my Henchman and felt it wobble or felt unsafe in any way. It is very versatile, durable and secure and the best tool I have ever had!”

And when the job is done, the Henchman is carefully dismantled, given a good clean and inspected. This early Hi-Step was finished with a red coating. Our customer uses red Hammerite to touch up any scuffs or scrapes.

“After I’ve finished cutting the hedge, each year I spend time carrying out the maintenance necessary to making sure the ladder remains safe and lasts as long as possible.  It looks as good now as the day we bought it I hope it will do us for many more years to come.”

Do let in touch if you need a replacement part for your Henchman solution- info@henchman.co.uk