Top 5 tips for rose pruning safely with Henchman

The RHS has called the last window of opportunity for rose pruning, and if your roses are rambling, climbing or across an arch or trellis you are going to need our help to get them trimmed properly for a perfect summer display.

Here are the top five tips

Pick your height

If you’re looking to prune your rose bush to 8ft your ideal Henchman for the job would be the 8ft Tripod Platform Ladder – with the platform at 5ft your waist is then the same height as the line you are looking to cut so you’ll be working at a comfortable height to achieve the line you are looking for safely.


If your rose is along a fence it might also be across a border – that’s when the rear, single leg of the tripod solution makes a huge difference by allowing you to position it in-between the delicate growing plants so you can work across the border without damaging the surrounding environment.

Choose your feet option

The border is likely to be mud or mulch so the exposed claw feet will grip the rear leg perfectly for total stability. The front legs might be on grass – for which the clawed feet are also ideal, but you might have a delicate stone patio along the border – in which case pop on the rubber feet for grip without scratching.

Level up

Is the border your rear leg is stood on lower than the lawn or patio your front legs are sat on? No problem - pop the pin out and extend the rear leg by a notch or two – the main platform needs to be flat for optimum comfort and safety. If you have steps to one side or a slope at the front just adjust the front two legs as required to achieve the same goal.

Get started

You stand on the widest platform, there is a step higher upon the ladder for tools only – do not stand above that platform. You can lean into the top of the platform to reach for the branches across the bush and that stability allows you to use both hands to reach into all the right areas and get the result you are looking for.

You’re ready to go – and we’d love to see the photos of your roses in the summer after all that hard work, maybe with you up your Henchman as you cut some stems for the house.

If your roses are on an arch or broader trellis you might want to consider a Hi-Step platform that allows you to work a full 180 degrees with its large standing platform, guard rail and strap to keep allow you to reach more with each movement.