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  • Types of Ladders

    Thousands of ladder-related accidents occur each year, many of which could be avoided if the correct ladder was used. Understanding the different types of ladders and what they’re used for will help you determine which is the most suitable for the job you want to do. Here’s a guide to each ladder type and how they’re used.

  • Best Ladders for Hedge Cutting

    What makes tripod ladders the best ladders for hedge cutting? Henchman ladders are designed for gardening tasks like trimming hedges, pruning trees and maintaining topiary. There are various aspects of its specialist design that make it the safest ladder to carry out these tasks.


  • Which Ladder Do I Need?

    One of the most common questions that we are asked is “Which ladder do I need?”. Fortunately, this is very
    simple to work out when you understand how our sizing works.

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