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  • Henchman Hi Step Platform Ladder Goes to Church

    Susan Howell Evans has been the musical director and organist at St George’s Church in Chichester for over 40 years. The organ pipes at St George’s Church in Chichester have a built in rear platform, but when maintenance staff needed to work on the front of the pipes Susan set about looking for a ladder solution that would enable them to negotiate the altar steps and gain safe access.

  • Earthquake Experience for Henchman Owner

    Not many Henchman owners can claim they felt the earth move whilst a top their ladder, but that’s exactly what happened to retired fire station manager and pomologist (fruit expert) John Pledger.

  • Henchman Barrow Going Strong for 15 Years

    This much-loved Henchman barrow won’t win any beauty competitions but it's still going strong after 15 years of constant use! Owner Tim Hanbury spotted the barrow on the Henchman stand at a RHS show and bought one.  It looked to be the perfect piece of kit for his garden and paddock in Chipping Norton, where he and his wife keep and train dressage horses.

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