How to use a Ladder Safely

We're all about safe at height solutions, and there are certain tips which immediately come to mind when considering how to use a ladder.

The first of these is to ensure that the ladder itself is of the highest possible quality.

It should be free from wear and tear and able to take any weight which you are planning to put on it.

Much of the other advice concerning how to use a ladder safely revolves around the manner in which a ladder is leaned against a wall or other structure, or the stability of the surface upon which either a straight or A-Frame ladder is standing.

It’s also important to ensure that the person using the ladder doesn’t reach too far whilst standing at the top, as this will cause the ladder to lean with the individual and, in the worst-case scenario, actually fall over.

Other advice on how to use a ladder revolves around additional tools such as a stand-off device preventing the need to lean against a plastic gutter or tree branch, for example, and the exact angle at which the ladder is set.  

Important though all of this advice doubtless is, the best safety tip we could possibly offer is to use a Henchman platform tripod ladder,

With three legs rather than two or four, a tripod ladder opens out to plant a highly stable ‘footprint’ on the ground, with the wide ‘clawed’  feet gripping even soft or moist surfaces.

The fact that one or all three of the legs can be adjusted by as much as 18” means that a tripod ladder can be set to deal with sloping or uneven surfaces.

From a lawn with a slight incline to a set of differing and uneven steps, a tripod ladder can be set up to offer rock-solid stability and the ideal base from which to work.  

Solid aluminium construction protects against rusting and offers strength combined with lightness, while, depending on the model, the ladder can take as much as 100kg to 150kg.  

With complete stability guaranteed, strength as a given and a 7” working platform at the top, it’s clear that the most sensible answer to the question of ‘how to use a ladder safely’ is to make sure you choose a Henchman platform tripod ladder to begin with.