Getting back up the ladder

For many of our customers the purchase of a Henchman is not just a transaction, it’s an opportunity for them to keep doing what they love – gardening.

We don’t often hear the story behind the purchase, sometimes a note on a review gives an insight into reasons but Geoff Dyer took the time to tell us all about his story, and we wanted to share it with you;

“As you are aware, you were recommended to me by a neighbour shortly after I had taken a catastrophic fall from over 20 feet whilst pollarding a tree branch from a 30 foot conventional ladder, resulting in major surgery to hips and pelvis followed by months of recuperation. 

As a former RAF fast-jet and professional civilian test pilot, my friends chastised me for not using a parachute! 

As I have now returned to this continuing annual tree surgery, albeit as an octogenarian, it has been without severe personal mishap with the use of both your Maxi Hi-Step and Tripod Ladders for the past 6 years, and they give me the confidence to continue for as many years as I have the strength and willpower.

I was impressed with the engineering on your Company’s products from the outset and have recommended them in the past without hesitation or reservation, but the courtesy, co-operation and customer service you have displayed with my recent self-inflicted problems have been absolutely first class, for which I must congratulate and thank you personally for the excellent way you have dealt with me.”

His words bring pride to our work which is hard to describe, that our solutions have empowered Geoff to have the confidence to keep gardening after such a horrific experience is the most amazing feedback we could ever hope to receive.

Thank you so much to Geoff for sharing his story, we’ll keep working on more ways to keep our customers of all ages safe at height and hope he has a great season in the garden.