Gardening Jobs For January

It’s officially winter, the nights are long, the days dull and we seem to have more rain than frost or snow – so what can we get done in the garden?

Many of us worry about what to prune and when. It’s always good to check in with  the experts to ensure you get the most out of your garden all year round.

There’s loads of advice to be found online, but unlike gardening textbooks that have been carefully compiled and edited by experts, anyone can put posts on the internet.  We recommend that you check the source of online advice and only follow ‘official’ guidance offered by organisations such as the RHS and recognised gardening experts.

The RHS website is easy to follow and packed with hints and tips to help make your garden the envy of the neighbourhood -January’s guide can be found here. We like the fact that they provide an ‘at a glance’ list of the top ten jobs for each month with a ‘more monthly advice’ section alongside to click on to give even more detail, conveniently laid out by garden sections.

January is the time to plan your garden for the coming year and get seeds and plants ordered. While trees and shrubs are dormant the RHS recommends early pruning of some species . Several jobs for this month involve getting up a ladder to prune trees or shrubs or clean.  If you have rubber feet on your Henchman tripod platform  ladder take them off when working in wet, slippery conditions, so the clawed feet can grip into the lawn and keep you stable.

If you’ve been paying a tree surgeon to prune taller trees and hedges, it's definitely worth investing in a Henchman hi-step platform so you can do the job yourself and save money in the long term - which is a topic we covered in a blog earlier this month with a customer who did exactly that which you can read here.

There’s no better feeling than being able to look out of the window and see tidy borders and beds ready and waiting for spring. If your perennials are still wearing dead foliage and your pots full of sad withered summer plantings, pull on your wellies and get them sorted before the predicted hard frosts arrive. Remove dead leaves and cut back and divide perennials, taking any cuttings before new growth starts, digging over any vacant plots.

Give pots a good clean and when you’ve removed all the old vegetation from the greenhouse give it a good spruce up too clearing leaves and twigs from greenhouse and shed gutters. The Gardeners’ World website has a good section on greenhouse jobs on their January ‘to do’ page

You’ll be creating lots of materials for your composter and filling your wheelbarrow too – always good to get moving and work off the Christmas excess. If your trusty old wheelbarrow has seen better days or you’re fed up of having to make endless trips to the green bin or compost heap then have a look at our ergonomic, large load wheelbarrows and barrow-trailer.

And while you’re busy doing all this for the future you can do a lot today to help the wildlife in your garden get through winter. Give all their feeders and shelters a clean, create some new winter homes and nurture the environments that provide food and shelter naturally – there are lots of great ideas on the RSPB website and a brilliant article on how to create a wildlife friendly garden.

We all love a helper in the garden and robins are a regular visitor for most of it, the beautiful robin photo leading this post comes from an article about the birds you’ll be looking after as you create a welcoming environment for them from Love The Garden