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Aluminium Ladders

Aluminium ladders are popular for outdoor tasks that require working at height, and are ideal for household gardeners and professionals alike. Our aluminium platform ladder is designed especially for jobs such as tree pruning, fruit picking and hedge trimming but is suitable for so much more.

Having 3 legs instead of 4 ensures the ladder is stable, even when working on slopes or steps. The wide-splayed base keeps the feet in firm contact with the ground, preventing wobbling or toppling when working at height.

With a maximum working load of 100kg or 150kg (depending on which model you choose), the tripod is a truly versatile multi purpose ladder. Lightweight, durable and available in sizes ranging from 6’ to 12’, we have a ladder to suit your needs. 

Aluminium Ladders

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Advantages of the Aluminium Platform Ladder

What makes aluminium ladders the preferred choice for so many purposes? Constructed with high grade aluminium, the Henchman tripod ladder is robust yet incredibly lightweight, meaning it’s durable enough to withstand heavy loads while being easy to transport. It doesn’t rust and can brave the elements, meaning you can store it outside.

Our tripod ladder offers many great features, including:

•Top rail to offer additional support and to allow hands-free working

•Removal of the rung above the platform so you can tuck your knees into the ladder and avoid grazing your legs

•The middle of the rungs has been removed to reduce the risk of slips and falls  

•Wide footprint to provide stability on uneven ground

•Adjustable legs, offering extra flexibility to complete tasks

•Clawed feet to ensure the ladder doesn’t sink or slip

•Optional rubber feet for indoor use to prevent floor damage

When it comes to safety, you won’t find a better ladder on the market. You’ll also get a 3 year guarantee with our ladders, something other suppliers don’t offer. Order today and get free delivery on mainland UK orders.